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Farming the Land! Growing our own Vegetables!



We have been wanting to increase our garden space at Fort Jacques and start growing more of our own vegetables.  My back is not good and I cannot get down on my knees to garden so I got our mason to make some raised vegetable beds where I can plant a herb garden, strawberries, and vegetables.  They turned out so nice and yesterday, we planted lettuce, strawberries, fennel, basil, and dill.  The rest we will start inside and then plant into the gardens when they are big enough. 

We have Mr. Gerard (who works in our gardens) planting carrots, leaks, cabbage, beans and potatoes.  We are going to try to grow potatoes 4 ways.  We will grown in buckets, used car tires, boxes, and in hills in teh ground and see which does the best here in Haiti. 


We are so excited to work the land, watch our vegetables grow, and to be able to feed the children.  If anyone is coming to volunteer, would you consider bringing seeds for us to plant?  I am really looking for Mint, any kind.  We have been told that if we grown mint around the property that mice and rats do not like the strong smell and will stay away.  It is definitely something we would like to try!

Psalm 107:37  And sow fields and plant vineyards, And gather a fruitful harvest.


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