God’s Littlest Angels

First Time in 18 Years that House Rent is NOT Paid! Please Help Us By Donating Today!

In 1998, a group of 4 adoptive families in Canada pledged that the rent for the houses of God’s Littlest Angels would be paid every year.  They worked hard to get a governing board up and running and GLA Canada registered with the Charities department of the Canadian Government.  The Canadian Board has paid the rent and supported us with funds for diesel, water, food, building, etc.  We have been so thankful for their continued support.

But this year, the Canadian donations have been less. The Canadian dollar has struggled, the oil industry is struggling and donations just have not been as much as in previous years.  Without their help, we are not able to pay the rent on the baby house.  We need your help desperately!

Our rent for the baby house is $27,000 USD.  We have $5000 of it raised. It’s a big house and there are 65 people living here. Hopefully, in another 2 years, we will be rent free.  We will all be living at the Fort Jacques property. We will be able to take this money needed to house the children and staff and use it to feed the children and staff instead! But the baby house is not ready yet.  It is scheduled for our 3rd phase of building.

But right now, we need to pay the rent.  Please I’m asking all of our donors to band together and get the rent paid.  We need it now.  It was due the 1st of August.  No donation is too little.  Consider how you can help today.  Please…


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