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Five New Admissions in the last month!

We have had 5 new admissions to the nursery since January.  We don’t get admissions for awhile and then we get two in one week!  Some are here for assistance and will return back to their families in a few months and a couple of little ones are for adoption.  My preference is that the children go back to their families if they can care for them.  It is taking so long for adoptions and I want the children in families quickly. That is not happening with adoptions right now.

All 5 babies who have come are boys!  Don’t know why, but they are.  They sure are the cutest little boys.   Of course, I might just be a little biased about that.  I remember telling an adoptive parent once, GLA doesn’t have ugly babies!  They are ALL adorable!  LOL

John is 18 months old and just came to GLA.  His mother has several children and she has no job, no husband, and was feeling overwhelmed by trying to support them all.  John came in healthy.  I figure we will just wait and see.  Maybe the mom will return and take him home once she gets her life turned around a little bit.  

John is beautiful, walks well, follows directions and has the most adorable smile!  We already love him so much.  


Kervins is 9 months old.  He was brought here by his mother who lives out in the mountains close to the Dominican Republic border.  He had a terrible cough when he was brought in.  He just sobbed for his mother the day he came.  She stayed the night at the orphanage because she was from so far away.  I finally sent someone to go get her and asked her to come comfort him.  He didn’t feel good and just wanted his mama!  

He was doing better but yesterday, he took a turn for the worse.  Today, he was unresponsive and had a high fever.  The nursing staff started an IV on him, gave him medication for his fever, and started him on oxygen.  Within 15 minutes he started responding and waking up.  He has a very loose cough and his oxygen level is down until he coughs.  So hopefully with antibiotics and breathing treatments, he will improve quickly.

Samuel is 1 month old.  He came at the same time as Kervins and is from the the same area too.  His mother and father came with him to the orphanage.  Samuel has Spina Bifida.  Spina Bifida is a birth defect where there is incomplete closing of the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord.  He is paralyzed and cannot move his legs. But he is putting on weight and the opening in his back was infected and about 2 inches across.  Today is is the size of an American nickel and dried and closed.

I checked with a local hospital and they asked $7000 USD to close his back!  We cannot afford to pay for that surgery.  Our pediatrician said that she thought we could get it for much less at another hospital and I’m trying to find information of when an American team will be coming to do this type of surgery.  Please pray for Samuel.  Pray that he will stay healthy.

Kenson is 6 days old and is premature.  He is a tiny 2 pounds and 10 ounces!  He seems to be healthy and breathing on his own without oxygen.  He drinks from a bottle small amounts.  He is so cute and tiny!

Kenson came from a clinic in Carrefour.  His mother is mentally and physically handicapped.  The aunt brought her to the clinic and then to GLA.  She just had a baby 2 months ago and because Kenson is so tiny, the aunt did not think she could care for him.  So far now, he will be here for a few months until he gains weight and is healthier.  Then he will return home to live with his aunt.

Cleef is one month old.  His mother and father cannot care for him.  They are young and do not have jobs.  I think maybe they will return and take him back home.  His mama cried all of the way out the gate when she left him!  The mother and father have 2 other children.  One of them is 3 years old and the other one is 20 months old.  The father doesn’t work and feels like he just can’t care for his children. Would anyone be willing to help pay for trade school for the papa?  Then maybe Cleef can return home and they can care for him.

Please pray for all of these babies and their families.  Pray for funds to come into the orphanage so that we can afford to keep helping little ones while they get well, grow, and can return home to their families.  For those that cannot return, please pray for families for those children and that the Haitian Social Services will get their act together and start getting some of these children home!

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