Fix the Fort Campaign

Financial Goal - $83,000 USD
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GLA’s mission is to provide exceptional neonatal care and a safe haven to the smallest, sickest, and most vulnerable children of Haiti and their families. What began as a small NICU 25 years ago blossomed into many different outreaches of God’s Littlest Angels. God’s provision through our donors enabled GLA to offer excellent care to every child and family that came through our doors. As GLA grew, facilities changed and we moved into our Fort Jacques property 10 years ago, allowing us to consolidate our locations. Owning land, facilities and equipment is a blessing that equips GLA to minister. However, it also brings additional costs.   This fall, we are launching our FIx the Fort campaign to raise the necessary funds for maintenance, repairs, and relocation of services around our facility. 

We would ask all GLA Guardians and stakeholders to do three things!

It is YOUR support as a GLA stakeholder, with your prayers, giving, and sharing with others that enables, and expands GLA to provide the highest standard of care possible to His littlest angels.

Please share GLA’s mission with friends and family​

Relocation Of Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit:

GLA exists to provide exceptional medical care to each infant. Our goal is to relocate our NICU to an improved location to provide easy access for ambulances, while providing a safer environment for premature infants. This environment includes appropriate infection control measures, upgraded equipment, and a dedicated back-up generator for the facility. Most of the infants admitted to the NICU require oxygen, CPAP, IVs, or other specialized medical equipment requiring consistent, stable power. GLA started 25 years ago with one premature infant. We have cared for thousands of infants throughout the years, and are now entering a new chapter in our medical care. Please consider giving a gift that will go toward improvements, relocation, and upgraded equipment to help keep GLA in the fight alongside these infants and strive against the statistical tragedy of infant mortality in Haiti.
Financial Goal - $11,500 USD
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The Needs

GLA cultivated a reputation for being one of the best NICU’s in Haiti through dedicated, compassionate care over the past 25 years. As one of only 5 NICU’s in the country, we serve families from every region. The need for a neonatal intensive care unit is immense as premature births and neonatal deaths in Haiti are the highest in the Western Hemisphere.

Electricity/Power Overhaul:

In first world countries, local and regional power grids provide consistent, reliable energy nearly 24/7. However, blackouts and power shortages are a common occurrence in the developing world. GLA’s power from the local grid is an unexpected luxury that appears only occasionally and often briefly. Unreliable and inconsistent power does not partner well with housing a creche and NICU, where access to power can determine life or death. This means energy independence is the only option for GLA. Generating power (via diesel generators and solar energy) is only one half of the battle. This power must be distributed effectively, efficiently, and safely across the entire compound covering 4+ acres. As GLA has grown, we’ve recognized the need to overhaul our electrical systems as the need for safe, reliable, and consistent power is a necessity. Please consider helping GLA revamp our electrical system, beginning in our children’s area.
Financial Goal - $29,000 USD
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The Needs

We are dedicating the "Fix the Fort" campaign to the Lord!
For we know, "Unless it is the Lord who builds the house, the builders’ work is pointless. Unless it is the Lord who protects the city, the guard on duty is pointless." Psalm 127:1

Septic System Overhaul:

Issues with a septic system can create huge problems in a short amount of time. Contaminated waste can seep water into and on top of the ground creating a risk of illness and unsanitary conditions. One of the septic systems at GLA is currently experiencing issues, creating water waste and unsafe conditions near our children’s play area. GLA urgently needs to bring in a septic company to identify and correct the issue in order to continue to provide a safe and healthy area for our children, staff, and volunteers moving forward.
Financial Goal - $3500
Funding Progress 100%

The Needs

Vehicle Repair & Replacement:

Kids Cubbies for Their Houses:

Any additional funds raised above the project goals will be reallocated to the other projects. Any additional funds raised above the entire goal will be reallocated into general funding.
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