God’s Littlest Angels

For All Adoptive Families Who Have Left with your Children Please Read This

Hi, this is Dixie. I have a favor to ask.

We are trying to update our records for all of the adoptive families who have already taken children home.  We know that addresses for some have changed and emails especially have changed. We might have lost contact with you.  Please send us your updated information, because once in a while, biological families will pass by the orphanage asking about your child. 

The Biological parents will ask things like: How are they? Are they happy? How are they doing in school?   Many adoptive families think after a while that biological families do not come anymore, but that is not true.  They usually will show up once or twice a year asking about the children.

So please, go to this link ADOPTIONS and fill out the form on the right side of the page.  If you have more than one adopted child from GLA, please fill this form out for each child.  If you know other adoptive GLA families, please pass this on to them so that they can fill out the form too.

We just want to be sure we can get in touch with you if the biological family does come to GLA asking questions.  We would also like to send you photos of the family here in Haiti from time to time to share with your child or save for them when they are older.

Thank you all for doing this for us.

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