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Dixie Bickel R. N., the orphanage director and co-founder, writes about what is happening in Haiti, new kids at GLA, the status of adoptions, the progress on Ft. Jacques and the challenges of life in Haiti.

You can help a Haitian child for less than the cost of a cup of coffee!

Most of the children living at GLA will join forever families through international adoption but we also have a number of children who will be reunited with their birth family once they are strong and healthy. At any given time, there are over 50 children in our care.  Sponsoring a child through GLA helps us provide shelter, childcare, salaries for nannies, nurses, teachers, and a pediatrician, food, clothing, education, and the best care possible for all of the children living at GLA.

Sponsorship funds will not cover all of the children’s needs but it goes a long way in helping us provide for daily care. These funds also allow us to care for the children who come in for assistance and return home to their birth families when they are healthy. We must care for the children who are already living at GLA first and then take in children for assistance only if we have the extra funds needed to help them.

With hospitals closing due to lack of supplies and safety concerns, we have been approached to take in more children. I hesitate due to lack of extra funds right now. We must purchase fuel, water, food, formula, diapers, childcare supplies, and pay salaries for our Haitian staff. Right now, inflation is so high in Haiti that costs are a little overwhelming.

Each time a baby and their mother comes to us for help, our daily costs rise. We do not ask a Haitian family to pay anything when they bring their baby to GLA for help. We know that Haitian families are having a very difficult time buying food for their families with inflation so high and most cannot pay for health care. We feed each mother three meals per day and provide whatever supplies the baby might need.

For $1 a day ($30 per month) and a commitment to prayer you can become a GLA sponsor. Sponsors have the privilege of following an individual child's story, growth, and progress until they are united with their adoptive family or return to their biological family. When a child leaves GLA, sponsors are notified and matched with another child so they can follow another child's growth and progress. Sponsors receive monthly updates that will include a current photo(s), the child’s current height and weight, and every quarter a little bit about how they are developing or a short story about them.



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2 thoughts on “For Only $1 per Day, You Can Make A Difference!”

  1. Just wondering how many children are at the orphanage currently? How many babies in the NICU?
    How many monthly child sponsorships do you currently have? Do each of the children have one sponsor?

    1. We have a total of 54 children total at the time, about 14 of those are babies in the NICU. Sponsoring a child at GLA costs $30 per month, that helps provide food, water, schooling and much more. We estimate that it takes about ten sponsors per child to help cover costs all month long. 43 of our children currently have sponsor(s).

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