These forms are for IBESR post placement reports for children who went home prior to October 2012. We will use these forms until IBESR tells us they want something different.  The first two updates after the child goes home should be completed by a social worker.

These should be yearly reports done on your child’s birthday. That seems to be the easiest time for families to remember. Fill out the report, include 6 photos of your child, and have it translated into French before sending to GLA.

If you do not have a person who can translate the form, then we can have it translated here in Haiti for $50 USD. Please send a check to the US Office or go to the Donate Now Button at the top of the page and send $50 via credit card or PayPal. In the remarks tell us it’s for translation of your post placement report.

I will post these forms on the website under ADOPTION.



Post Placement reports are so important because IBESR wants to see that they children are doing well as well. This helps reinforce to IBESR that adoption can be the right choice for some of these children who are unable to return to their birth families. The reports are a joy for us, our staff, and the birth families to see and enjoy. I cannot tell you how happy birth families are to get a photo of the children and to know they are happy and well.

So please, send reports. Probably 90% of biological families return to GLA asking for news at some point. It is nice to be able to give them some sort of report or photo of the children.