God’s Littlest Angels

Fort Jacques Move & Construction Update

The work of construction and building renovation continues for the upcoming move to Fort Jacques. Both of the parent cottages are coming along quickly and the pink cottage specifically will be finished soon and ready to be plumbed for water/sewer. The completion of that project will allow us to begin renovations on the blue toddler house in preparation for transforming it into our NICU. The team that was here last week was a huge help to us in continuing the effort of packing up the main house. They also were instrumental in tackling the task of sorting and organizing storage areas along with cleaning and preparing a couple of the toddler homes in anticipation of the main house children moving up.

Work on the large guesthouse continues to move along; never as fast as we’d like, but some of the next steps are to put the glulams in place, insert floor joists, lay down panning and then pour concrete for the second floor. It’s a big task over a large area and the concrete will take some time to cure after it is poured. 

In the meantime, we’ve also been working on constructing a small medical depot which will be close to the NICU and toddler area as well as a food depot which will be located between the new guesthouse build and the apartment building. We’re working simultaneously to turn the second floor of the apartment building into our new office location.

There are still plenty of tasks on the list and we need your help. If you aren’t sure how you could fit into the process but want to lend a hand, contact us and ask us how you can serve. There’s always a need and we’re thankful for every person who steps up to lend a hand. 

The pending move from Thomassin 32 to Fort Jacques is bittersweet and as we continue to pack boxes and sort through what we need to bring with us, we’re reminded that none of this could have ever become a reality without the love, support, joyful attitudes and strong muscles of our volunteers. The individuals and teams that come, the people who donate to support the care of these beautiful children and the prayers that cover this ministry leave us humbled and grateful for the opportunity to do this mission alongside each of you. Thank you so much!


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