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Opportunities to Raise Funds for God's Littlest Angels

Many people have asked us for brochures, newsletters, videos, and help on setting up a display when talking about God's Littlest Angels at their churches or organizations. GLA now has a promotional kit that you can use to bring the story of GLA and the children to your church, community organization, family and friends, school, and social groups! We encourage you to show some of our videos which are included in the packet.

You could challenge your friends and families to join you to see who can raise the most funds for the children! Put a box at your workplace if they will allow it or your church then ask people to help feed the children for one month at just $1.00 per day.  See who can fill their boxes up the quickest!  Many people can put loose change in their boxes and still fill them up.  When you feed a child, you feed their future!

Special events coming up are

Orphan Sunday 1st Sunday in November

Giving Tuesday 1st Tuesday in December

Christmas Holidays Month of December

Any fundraising ideas are greatly appreciated. If you are interested in putting on a fundraiser in your community or church and would like brochures, sponsorship information, videos about GLA, or just would like ideas about what you could do to help, please write to us at [email protected]

Facebook now makes it extremely easy to do fundraisers for the charity of your choice. It's really easy and it has amazing ripple effects for connecting more and more people to God's Littlest Angels. Click here to learn how!

Promotional Kit

We have put together a promotional kit we would love to send out to you for your fundraising engagement.  The kit consists of photos, brochures, sponsorship cards, cloth table banner, and thrive-to-survive baby book.

Use the kit and then return it when you are finished to the GLA office in Colorado Springs.

You can request the kit to be sent to you by filling out the form below on this page.  The kit is reserved on a first come, first ask basis.  You can also request the kit by contacting the GLA staff at [email protected]

Promotional Material Request

God's Littlest Angels Promotional Video

God's Littlest Angels - Moving Forward 2015 (10Min)

God's Littlest Angels - Moving Forward 2015 (4 Min)


God's Littlest Angels Brochure

A collection of some of our favorite photos to be used for your promotional campaigns


Download file with 50 high-quality photos


God's Littlest Angels Logo

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