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Ghislaine Needs Your Help Urgently!

Ghislaine needs your help!  Anyone who has been to GLA in the last 10 years has probably met Ghislaine Antoine.  She works in the main house and is always the first one to jump in and help visitors find things if they need something.  Ghislaine has worked at GLA since May 2004. She hardly ever misses work and cleans and helps in the kitchen most of the time.

Last Tuesday, as Ghislaine was coming back from her two days off, she had to change tap taps (taxi) in Petionville.  As she was waiting for her next ride, a motorcycle swept past her and knocked her down.  She says it happened so fast that she does not remember how she landed, but the next thing she knew she was on the ground!  She said the driver stopped and at the time she thought she was ok.  But as soon as she got up and ran to get on her next ride, she realized that her arm hurt A LOT! 

When she arrived at GLA, she didn’t tell me right away what had happened.  But our gate man, Amos, cooked up a mixture of corn mush and special healing leaves and wrapped her arm in the mixture.  She thought she had just sprained her arm.

We finally had an Xray of her arm done on Thursday because it was not getting any better and it is broken. We have had two surgeons see her Xray and both says she needs surgery to repair her arm.  The head of her Radius bone in her right arm is shattered in several different pieces!  The surgeon says she may have to have external metal screws and plates put on the arm.  I am sure this will upset her if they are on the outside of her arm!  He said he may be able to just put metal on the inside but it is a pretty bad break.

The surgeon said the cost will be $5000 USD for the operation, anesthesiologist, surgeon, labs, Xrays, etc.  Ghislaine does not have that money to pay for the surgery and unfortunately, GLA does not have the funds to help her with the surgery expenses at this time.  She needs help with the surgery expenses.  Her surgery is scheduled for Wednesday morning. 

If you would like to make a donation to help her with the costs, please make a donation and write in remarks that it is for Ghislaine’s surgery.

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