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Giving Thanks

Today is American Thanksgiving. As kids, we dressed up as Pilgrims and Indians and had Thanksgiving plays at our school.  We learned how thankful the Pilgrims were that the Indians shared their food with them.  We also were taught how we should be thankful for the things were are given throughout our lives.

Today, I am so thankful for my husband, children and a mother who is 93 1/2 years old and still going strong.  I am thankful for my staff in Haiti and the USA, the children at the orphanage, and everyone who donates or prays for us throughout the year.  I’m thankful for our volunteers who come and give of their time and talents to help keep GLA running and growing! 

I’m also thankful for THANKSGIVING DAY!  I grew up with Thanksgiving being a day of getting together with extended family and just having fun and visiting…oh, and eating great food too!  I still dream about a dessert my Aunt Nell made from marshmallows, whip cream, and graham crackers! As a kid, it did not get better than that!

Today, I am going to sit by my mother and enjoy our time together with my brother and sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, and all of their families!  I arrived in the States Wednesday night to surprise my mother.  She does not think I am coming this year!  She is always disappointed because Thanksgiving is her holiday.  She wants her family around her!  An even bigger surprise is that my son, Mark, who is in University in Boulder, Colorado is flying out to see her too!  She hasn’t seen Mark for several years.

Tomorrow, Friday the 29th, I will be traveling about 20 minutes from where I grew up to a Family Christian Store located at 41 E Marketview Dr, Champaign, Illinois.  I want to be there as they take part in the Haiti Challenge and raise funds to build the main orphanage at Fort Jacques.  I want to see the people who work at the store and the people coming into the store.  I want to be there to tell them about the babies and GLA!  If you live close to Champaign, come out to the store and visit with me.  My plan is to be there from 10 to 11:30 AM.

Remember to check out the online store at Family Christian Stores especially for everyone that usually buy their Christmas gifts online!  And for those of you who like to go into a store and “shop”, check your closest Family Christian Store.

Happy Thanksgiving….

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