The GLA Herald - Issue 2
February 2022

The Official Newsletter of God's Littlest Angels

Looking for another way to love on the kids at GLA? Check out our Love Box initiative wher you can help supply needs specific to one of our kids. This is a great group outreach!

Valentine Sponsor Gift

The kids at GLA had a blast making valentines gifts to send out to their “guardians”. Guardians, or child sponsors, help GLA care for our children on a monthly basis. The consistent funding allows our nannies and staff to provide for the basic needs of the children. The nannies at GLA also play with and love on each child. Thanks for loving on our kids with us. Happy Valentines from the kids, staff, and GLA Family!

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The Director's Desk - The Loving Touch

Most of the children at God’s Littlest Angels are underdeveloped in one way or another. A result of poor nutrition (for mom and baby), premature birth and other factors, stunted development is a constant battle at GLA. Massive amounts of development occur in the first two years of a child’s life. Proper nutrition, exercise, and medical care are a constant focus at GLA for as we try to help kids play “catch-up” to various developmental stages. These measurables have long been the benchmark in pediatric health. However, there is another contributing factor that is talked about far less often; Love. Perhaps because it is difficult to measure or quantify, but studies have shown that love, expressed primarily through physical touch, is arguably the most vital factor when it comes to a child’s development. Research from the early to mid-1900’s has shown that babies can be well fed and medically cared for and still experience “failure to thrive”. In short, the emotional and sensory deprivation was the root cause for the death of infants. Many adoptive families observe a trend of developmental recovery as their child adjusts to a loving, family atmosphere. As they leave “survival mode” they will recover some of that developmental shortfall. While metrics, nutrition, medical care and other measurables are vital to the health of a child and their development, we must not overlook the importance of love. At GLA, our nannies and staff strive to love each child as their own and give them the attention and affectionate touch they require; but we celebrate when a child goes home with an adoptive family. Each of these children is a blessing from God and we are thrilled to see them go home to a loving family.

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Sister* was born on February 17, 2014, and arrived GLA on September 14, 2014. Her mom was very young and had to make an extremely difficult decision of how to care for her little baby. Knowing she could not give her what she needed, she made the heart-wrenching decision to give her up for adoption. GLA has been Sister’s home since she was 7 months old. She has grown into a very spunky 7-year-old, who is independent, and always speaks her mind. She is also a “girlie girl” in everyway. She is meticulous about what she wears, how her hair is styled, and she loves the chance to put on nail polish.

Sister recently began to develop some symptoms of feeling faint and it was discovered that she has a heart arrythmia. Based on recommendations by a pediatric cardiologist, Sister will need to have a pacemaker placed soon. Please pray that she will be able to travel to the DR for this procedure and that the Lord will protect and heal her. If you’d like to help with the cost of this procedure and travel expenses please click the donate button and in notes type “Sister”.

Click the heart to help cover *Sister's* medical costs


  1. For *Sister to be able to travel to DR soon, and for a successful surgery to place the pacemaker.
  2. For continued protection over the GLA campus, staff, and children.
  3. For the courage to continue on despite the insecurity and violence within the country.
  4. For God’s peace, love, wisdom, and unity as we work together at GLA
  5. For the health of the children and staff, and to be protected from COVID, which is still rampant in the country.

*Name changed to protect privacy

Top 3 Needs:

  1. Toddler shoes: sizes 4-10
  2. Boys sport shorts sizes 2T-8
  3. Underwear: all sizes


    1. Praise for God’s provision of daily meals and enough food for the children & staff
    2. Praise for the daily prayer meetings and being able to share the gospel with staff
    3. Praise for the progress of the new NICU relocation and equipment
    4. Praise for unity on the GLA campus, the family atmosphere, and being able to love, laugh, and dance together.


Our children and staff are in need of some essential items. These can easily be purchased on Amazon (SMILE) and mailed to GLA. Click the link below to help provide these essentials!

Thank You to all of our GLA Family & Friends!!

God's Littlest Angels, Inc. is a US registered 501c3 charity. All donations made to GLA are tax exempt to the extent of the law. Tax receipts are sent out at the beginning of each year.