Several years ago, a GLA parent developed our first web site and it was wonderful.  But I wanted to be able to change photos and information quickly and I could not do this using HTML language because I wasn’t a web designer!  Then we heard about a someone who was developing web sites with something called a Content Management System.  This system would allow all us to change the web site and add photos.  We were ecstatic!

We spent weeks writing all of the information for the web site, finding photos, and trying to get it online.  It has been a really good site and I love the look of it! Very few orphanages had such a nice site when we put it online.  We were so happy with it.

But times have changed and it needed a face lift!  So we started searching for someone to rebuild our website for us.  We found them in a company called Collision Media run by Tommy and Emily Bailey. We have been working with them since May trying to get everything together.

We found several good companies who could do the work, but Collision Media’s system is so easy to use that we chose them.  Tommy and Emily have worked with us every step of the way to get the site just the way we want it and I’m sure that Tommy shudders every time he sees another email from me by now!

So here is our new and improved God’s Littlest Angels web site!  Check out each and every page.  Take your time and read it like a good book!  Look at all of the photos, give yourself time to watch them rotate through the whole cycle. 

If you want to return to the home page from another page it is easy!  Click on the GLA logo in the top left hand corner of each page.

If you want to take a closer look at a rotating photo, just put your cursor over the photo and it will stop rotating so you can see it better.

There are some Haitian recipes, new ones, hidden under ABOUT HAITI!  Can you find them? I’ve just started putting in recipes so keep checking back.  I might even put our pizza recipe in there!  I might even share the chicken and mango pizza recipe!

Check out the blogs.  There are some new ones listed now as well as the regular ones.  Sign up to receive an email update when one of us blogs a new post and it will automatically send you an email about the post. 

Check out our fundraising blog, MAKE A DIFFERENCE, and see how you can help GLA through fundraising in your community.  Also look under the GET INVOLVED section and see some of the ways you can get involved with the orphanage.

We invite you to come into the world of God’s Littlest Angels.  Kick off your shoes, curl up in a nice comfy chair, and visit us in Haiti.  We open our doors to you!  Come on in!  Stay awhile with the kids and imagine them running up to you and wrapping their arms around your legs and holding on tight!

And be sure to check out my blog..AND LIFE IN HAITI GOES ON!

I’m looking forward to your visit…you are always welcome at GLA! 

Oh, and if you find any spelling errors, grammar errors and something that just plain doesn’t work, let me know!  We have tried to catch everything but hundreds of eyes are much better than a few and I am sure there are errors on the pages that we did not catch!

And Life in Haiti Goes On…


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    1. Thank you for checking out our website! I am happy to know that our followers share our website with their friends. dixie

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