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GLA Newsletter in the Mail!

You will be receiving a Christmas Newsletter in the mail very soon.  I decided to try and do a booklet newsletter this time instead of the legal size paper.  I have been wanting to do a booklet newsletter for about 4 years but we just thought it would be more expensive then our current newsletter, so we never did one for Christmas. 

Then a few months ago, a man walked into our office in Colorado and he was from a local printing company with an actual printing press.  He asked the staff what they were currently paying for newsletters by printing them on our own printer using colored ink.  He took a sample of the newsletter and a week later he gave us a price that was $2500 USD less than what we could print them in the office!  He also would make the booklet that I really wanted, seal it, and mail it from their office!  Now, it took a month to lay it all out and write it because of it being in a booklet form, because it is not as easy when it’s a book as when it’s just a plain piece of paper!  But I think you are really going to enjoy it!

I  feel like God sent that man to our office that day because we needed a discount on our printing costs to help us save money!  None of us can believe how nice the booklets came out.  Keep a lookout for yours coming in the mail soon!

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