Here at God’s Littlest Angels we have twenty-three children that attend school full time. At eight o’clock each weekday morning they line up outside and start their day by raising the Haitian flag and singing country’s National Anthem with their teachers. After their morning ceremony, the student’s head to school to attend classes taught in Creole, French, and English. The younger eight students spend their morning in the preschool classroom learning in Creole as well as participating in hands on activities that include painting, crafts and puzzles. We are also integrating imaginary play into their school day by way of building blocks, play food, and other supplies that encourage productive play. 

Our fifteen oldest students attend half a day of English lessons where they learn a multitude of subjects that include early elementary Math, History, Bible, Science, as well as Vocabulary, Writing and Phonics. The other half of the day the students learn similar subjects and concepts but taught completely in French. The students also spend some time each week working on projects and crafts. They use a multitude of mediums such as watercolor and finger-paints to create beautiful artwork that is then displayed throughout the classrooms and school. These fifteen students also spend a block of one on one time with our School Assistant, Hannah, who is working to expand their English vocabulary and comprehension.

We are so thankful our students are able to receive this education from teachers that care so much for them. A lot goes into sustaining a full school and we would not have such a successful program if not for the donations of school supplies, books and resources as well as the financial and prayer support from so many of you. Thank you for all you do to support our school program here at GLA!

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