God’s Littlest Angels

Global Giving Bonus Day

Global giving is a charity fundraising website that GLA uses to help raise the money needed for our ongoing project needs such as baby formula, clean drinking water, and food to feed the children.Global giving will be matching your donation for today only, for each dollar given it will be matched 40% by Global Giving. So for each $1 given, Global Giving is matching $0.40. GLA will receive $1.40!

Here is how it works. Today choose one the projects you would like to donate to help the kids living at God’s Littlest Angels. Click the link below and give to that project. Global giving will do the rest.


Feed the orphan babies in Haiti


Formula for babies at an orphanage in Haiti


Clean water for Haitian orphans


From all the GLA Staff and kids, we send you a huge “Thank you” for your support!

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