God’s Littlest Angels

God's Blessings Surround Us!

Sometimes when I grow weary and just want to take a holiday from all of the sickness and misery surrounding me, I lift my eyes up and see the mountains and beauty of Haiti and my strength is renewed!

Sunday morning church services on the balcony with the backdrop of the mountains behind Pastor Joel makes it feel like God is right there, I could reach out and touch him!  The beauty takes my breath away!

But the poverty, sickness and the daily difficulties for the people of Haiti are there even if hidden in the beauty of the countryside and ocean views.  Our goal is to help the abandoned, the malnourished, and the premature children of Haiti.  We take in children for assistance for a day, a week, a year, or more.  God put each and every one of us here to help, to give of ourselves, and to sacrifice to help make life better for these children.

The constant emotional and physical strain on us to find the funding needed to care for the children can be overwhelming at times.  We could not do what we are doing if it wasn’t for you.  I need to buy food and supplies for the children on Monday.  This will last for 1 month.  I need almost $10,000 at the beginning of each month to feed and care for the children.  We do not have the funds to buy the food  and supplies that we need on April 3.  Please, I need your help!

Will you please consider giving a donation today to help us buy the food and supplies we need for the month of April?  Maybe you would consider giving a monthly donation to help with the on going food needs for the children each month?  Anything you can send will help.  

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