It is with great joy (and a little sadness too) that I get to share this good news with you!  Our sweet Lensey went home this morning!  Lensey’s parents were very young, and her mama died in childbirth.  Her heartbroken maternal grandma was caring for the baby.  Baby Lensey soon developed a bad cough and started having trouble breathing. Her grandma brought her to GLA for help when she was 3 months old.  This beautiful little girl continued to struggle with cardiac and respiratory problems for a few months, and we discovered that she had pulmonary hypertension.  This is a serious condition that can lead to heart failure if it goes untreated.  Lensey was treated by the nurses here at GLA and improved greatly with medication.  She has gone from an infant fighting for her life, struggling for each breath, to a healthy, happy, chubby little girl with great giggle and a spunky personality all her own.  

One of the nurses was just telling me that at first she didn’t think Lensey was going to live, or if she did, she would never be able to survive without oxygen.  But earlier this summer we took her for a follow up echocardiogram, and the results were normal!  She has outgrown her condition, and although there is a chance of more difficulties in the future, she is stable no longer needs medication.  Praise God!  Look at her transformation!

Lensey’s grandma has faithfully visited her about once a month during the whole time she has been at GLA.  Her love for her granddaughter is obvious to all.  Grandma has remarked more than once how much Lensey resembles her mama.  Lensey also has a young aunt, mama’s little sister, who loves visiting and playing with her.  This morning when Grandma was told that Lensey could come home, she was overjoyed!  While we are a little sad to say goodbye, we are so glad to be a part of this precious family’s story.  This is why we are here!  Please pray for Lensey and her family.  Pray that they will all adjust easily to life together, that God would keep them all strong and healthy, and that they will know His love.  Thank you for your support that makes it possible to help little ones like Lensey!

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