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Good News from IBESR on Tuesday 14 January

I have had a very busy day and almost forgot to blog about my meeting at IBESR! The last few meetings I have had  I think have been very positive.

GLA dossiers that have been stuck in dispensation for months on end have been moved to the Director’s office and we are now waiting on the director’s signature.  I think this is a big step forward and on Thursday I will find out if the director has signed them yet or not.

We only have 12 children in IBESR at the moment.  It will be so good when they are signed and parents can come and go to courts.  After they are signed, all new dossiers will be under the new procedure!

We talked about several other cases and received the answers we needed to work on the dossiers.  I have found IBESR very willing to work with us on these dossiers.  We have had some difficult requests and nothing has been turned down completely without lots of thought and discussion.  One thing they have been adamant about has been the over 50 years old rule.  They are not allowing any new dossiers to be submitted if they are over 50!

They are making special needs children a priority.  If a child is 6+ years old, part of a sibling group, or has medical issues or developmental issues, then they are considered special needs. Several of our children waiting for matches at this time are special needs children.  We asked them to please make matches and get these children proposed!  There are dossiers of waiting adoptive parents waiting for some of these children.  They were pre-matched by the adoption agencies and IBESR has told us that they will accept the proposals.  We just wish things would move quicker for matching.

I will try to keep you up to date as I find out information.  I pray that things keep moving along and all dossiers sitting in IBESR right now are signed soon.

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