This week in the NICU we said goodbye to several of our babies. It is so gratifying to be able to see babies that came in sick or struggling go home to their families happy and healthy.

This is Miss S. She is 7 months old and came to us because she was malnourished, very sick and dehydrated. We were able to treat her with IV hydration, antibiotics and nutritional food, and her Mama was very happy to take her sweet baby home.


Meet tiny Mr. W. He came in with his Mama as a 4 lb. preemie. He was quite jaundiced and needed treatment with a bili light (pictured below). His Mama was able to stay with him and care for him during his time here. They just left to join the rest of their family as a happy Mama and not-so-tiny baby boy.


This is little Jean-Britus. You may remember his story from a few weeks ago. His Mama passed away and his Papa could not care for his newborn son as well as his other two children, so he brought him to us for adoption. Yesterday Papa came back and said he changed his mind, his extended family is helping him care for his children, and he does not want to give up his baby. We were sad to see this sweet boy go, but so glad that he will be able to grow up knowing his Papa who loves him, and his brother and sister. We are honored to have been able to be here for this family in their time of need.


Thank you for your support that enables us to help these babies and their families. It often means the difference between life and death for them. Please continue to pray for each of these precious little ones, that God will watch over them and their families and help them grow up healthy and strong. Please also pray for GLA, that God will guide us and provide the resources we need to care for His children in Haiti.

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