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God’s Littlest Angels

Hard Times In Haiti

Haitians are suffering. The exchange rate in Haiti is 79 gourdes per $1 USD. Some of the large food warehouses (depots) are closing because they cannot ask people to pay such high prices. A local market vendor spent all day yesterday looking for corn meal for her stand and returned last night with her money still in her purse because she could not find corn meal!

Haiti was without fuel for a week a few days ago. My staff had trouble getting to work. What fuel was available was very expensive to buy.

God’s Littlest Angels must have diesel to run our generators. These generators keep babies alive who need oxygen and incubators. We have back up batteries but because the incubators and oxygen concentrators draw so much electricity, the batteries only last a few hours. We need diesel on hand at the orphanage so that when we experience a fuel shortage in the country we have enough to run the generators so our NICU babies can receive life-saving treatment!

We need to also have enough food on hand that we can weather a food shortage for a short time. We can cut down on the amount of food we give everyone but we want to make sure the children get the proper nutrition they need to grow!

We need your help so that we can buy extra diesel to have on site and to have an extra month extra supply of staple foods such as rice, beans, oil, tomato paste, and corn meal.

Please help by making a donation today!

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  1. Senoya on March 20, 2019 at 3:24 pm

    I am sorry that you guys a struggling. I was in GLA for three years and then I got adopted. I want to come back to GLA.

    Praying for you
    Love: Senoya Louis

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