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Help Needed with Water Costs for July

We received 76 truck loads of water the month of July.  That is almost double what we usually receive for a month!  It was a dry month until this last week and then we started receiving some rain.  It has also been a terribly hot summer this year. 

It is over $5000 for just this month!  Our diesel bill for two months was $10,000 and our electricity for 3 months was $6000!  I am a little overwhelmed!

We need your help. This bill was double what we expected as was the diesel costs!

Please, can you help us with the water bill for this month?


From the natural spring on the mountainside, to a baby’s bottle. 

How GLA gets our water!

Water delivery Truck



Water Delivery Truck




Water Delivery Man




Water Delivery Man









Amos, our gate man, putting water hose into the cistern.






Getting the water from the filtration system into the jugs. 


Wilmond getting water into 5 gallon jugs after it leaves our chlorine filter system.





Bringing the water into the house




Water then goes into the houses and is poured into 5 gallon coolers making it easier to dispense the water to the children and to make juice in smaller containers.







Water is then dispensed into gallon pitchers and juice is made.




Kids enjoying the water that was delivered by a truck just a short time before! 


Children enjoying the water delivered by the truck, filtered through the chlorine filter, put into 5 gallon water containers, carried to the house, poured into the larger cooler, and now ready for them to drink!









Juice at bedtime. 



Ti Jocelyn, at the baby house, makes juice for the babies’ bedtime bottles.  When it’s hot like it is right now, the children need more to drink than when it is cool at night.







Molly works hard to keep the children at the Toddler House hydrated when the weather is hot during the summer.  They play hard and sweat a lot!

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