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Help Us Care for the Children!

Hi, John and I are in the States visiting new churches that we have never visited before.  We hope to motivate people to support the orphanage and help provide needed food, medication, fuel for the generators so the kids have lights and clean clothes, and water for the children to drink. 

But right now, GLA is low on funds.  It’s been awhile since I have asked our donors to help with a crisis but we desperately need funds to keep caring for the children.  We used to received adoption funds but IBESR is taking so long to give referrals to adoptive families that those funds are no longer available. We also had to come up with funds to pay the Mayor to go and sign 21 files for abandoned children sitting waiting for matches since August 2014!  All of the Mayors are asking for funds to pay for their time and travel plus what we would have normally paid to them before the new law came into effect.  The Mayor has now signed which is a huge relief but it was another cost that we didn’t plan on having.

We are having problems finding the funds to buy food every week, pay the bills for diesel fuel, water, electricity, security, etc.  We need your help!

Right now, we need $10,000 per month for bread, fruit, vegetables, meat, and staples such as powdered milk, corn flakes, toilet paper, disinfectant, bleach, laundry soap, sugar, flour, beans, tomato paste, bouillon, and many other things that we need for all of the meals and cleaning of the houses.  This is for all 3 houses.

We have a bill for diesel of $16,000.  We need to get that paid off.  We are paying $4000 every two weeks for diesel for generators and vehicles.  We pay a small amount every couple of weeks but we need to pay it off. Fuel is expensive in Haiti.

The water bill is $3500 every month depending on how much rain we receive.  Again this is for 3 different areas.

After the break in at Fort Jacques and the trauma it caused to the children and staff, we felt we needed to improve the security at the orphanage.  We installed additional lighting outside and around the perimeter of the orphanage.  We also installed some security cameras so we know what is going on in case of another break in.  We installed iron bars on all windows and doors so the staff and children can sleep peacefully at night.  We also hired a security firm with 2 guards at all times who patrol the orphanage.  This cost for security is $2400 per month.

Please give a donation to help us with some of these bills.  We desperately need funds especially for food.  The staff is writing me daily asking for money to buy needed food items and I don’t have very much to send them. Those of you who know me well, know that I don’t ask for funds unless they are desperately needed. I do not know where else to go to help cover the costs for the children.  Please pray about this and decide if you can help with a donation at this time.

You can donate online through the donate button below.  You can also send a check to the Colorado Springs office if you prefer.  The address is God’s Littlest Angels, 2283 A Waynoka Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80915.


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