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Help Us Send Supplies to Haiti for the Orphanage…

God’s Littlest Angels has a warehouse in Colorado Springs that is full of food, furniture, and medical items to send to Haiti. We have enough to fill a 40 foot container part way but need your help to fill it the rest of the way with items we desperately need in Haiti!

Many of the items that we need are difficult to find in Haiti. Recently, Dixie on a trip to the States filled 3 suitcases with Soy formula because we could not find any in Haiti. None of our normal sources had received any new shipments and they were sold out. Unfortunately, we have several small infants who can only drink soy formula. She was able to bring 56 of the 36 oz cans from Target back into Haiti. Thankfully, she happened to have scheduled her trip at just the right time!

We would like to fill this container the rest of the way withInfant Formula, diapers, skin lotion, soap, rice and bean, school supplies, paper supplies, and anything you wanted to donate from our needs listwould be greatly appreciated.

We also need donations to help pay the cost of shipping a container and getting it out of customs. The cost isapproximately$15,000. This breaks down to just over $6 per mile. Can you help by paying for 10 or 20 miles or more?

You can order items for the container through Target, Walmart, Smile.Amazon.com, and Dollar Tree. If you order from Target, Walmart, or Dollar Tree, you can have items shipped to the Colorado Springs stores and we can pick them up without any shipping charges! Amazon Smile will ship them and GLA can earn funds for every dollar spent. Please register at www.smile.amazon.com and select God’s Littlest Angels so that anytime you purchase something through the Amazon Smile site, you are making a donation to GLA!

Our projected date for sending the container is July 1st. Please help us get supplies to Haiti! Choose some items from the list below and donate them for the container today!

Colorado Springs Stores:

Walmart -1575 Space Center Dr
Colorado Springs – 80915

Target –3810 Bloomington St, Colorado Springs, CO 80922-3203. Target also does free delivery for any order over $25 and will deliver directly to the GLA office in Colorado Springs.

Dollar Tree Store #2662
855 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80909-8307

Find out which items are most needed by clicking here!

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