God’s Littlest Angels

Here We GOOOOO!!!

Thanks to the generosity of several individuals we have books!  Beautiful, bright, colorful, flip back-and-forth through the pages, smell of printed material books.  The kids cheered as there teachers arrived for the first day of school, chanting Elange, Michaelle, Kiki, and Rose Laure’s names and running to greet them with lots of hugs and kisses.  They had a fun vacation but were ready to be back into a more consistent day schedule again.  We have kids in grades Pre-K through 5th grade in our Creole/French program.  

And kids in grades Pre-K through early 5th grade in Joyce’s English program this year.  

Because of our lower numbers at the house this year all of the kids are getting at least 4 hours of classes with the oldest 7.5 hrs.  There are a few protests from the 3 yr olds who think they need a morning nap still, and a few from the oldest who find classroom work to be a bore, but really all in all we have a very eager group of students and everyone is feeling refreshed and excited to learn!  

Please keep our teachers in your prayers as they work hard to engage, encourage, and challenge each child individually.  It can be quite difficult with the many learning disabilities and various learning styles they need to incorporate into each class. 

As always THANK YOU for your support and making a hopeful future possible for these little ones! 


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