God’s Littlest Angels

Hundreds of houses damaged and 2500 animals lost around the Kenscoff area of Haiti.

We are so thankful to everyone who has donated toward the repair of the orphanage from the damage caused by hurricane Matthew.  We have received enough donations to repair our buildings.  But now we need to look outside of GLA and into the community around us.

We received a report today from the Mayor’s office in Kenscoff.  Kenscoff is a huge area and stretches from Kenscoff almost to the south coast by Jacmel.  The report calls for schools to be made their top priority.  They are working to get schools repaired quickly.  

Almost 700 houses have had damage and need to have building materials made available for repairs.  We need to get lumber, metal for roofing, and nails for the families to repair their homes.

The people in the area have lost approximately 3000 of their animals which include pigs, goats, cows, etc.  This is an important part of them being able to support their families.  We cannot replace all of the lost animals but if we can help each family replace at least one animal that will go a long way to helping a family get back on it’s feet.

The report also says between 60 and 70 percent of all gardens are lost from the winds and rain.  There is real concern over famine if seeds are not donated so that gardens can be replanted soon.  

Most of the water supplies in the area are contaminated.  A real concern is diseases such as cholera coming from drinking water that is not good.  We have a team bringing in some water treatment systems next week.

We need to work with the Mayor in Kenscoff to get supplies into the remote areas that were worst hit in the mountains between Kenscoff and Jacmel.  Can you help buy seed or a goat or cow for a family?  Can you help with donating toward building supplies?  

If we can just get these things to them then the families in the area hit by Hurricane Matthew can repair their homes, repair the schools in the area so kids can get back into school, plant their gardens for the next growing season, and replace their animals that were lost.

Please consider helping the relief efforts for the Kenscoff, Nouvelle Tourraine, Grand Fond, 4eme Belle Fontain and Bongars areas of Haiti. 100% of all funds designated for hurricane relief will go directly toward the hurricane relief effort around Kenscoff, Haiti.  Our goal is $20,000 which is not nearly enough but will buy some seeds and animals for the people.


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