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Hurricane Irma Update from the orphanage….

It is very still and calm here in Fort Jacques.  We thought we would wake up to rain and wind but so far it hasn’t reached us.  The weather channel shows it moving very slowly to the west.  Our oldest son has a school friend who now lives in Puerto Rico.  He said that Irma passed them and it was more like a tropical storm than a catagory 5 hurricane.  We pray that the same can be said for when it passes Haiti.

John Bickel tells me that it’s supposed to be north of Haiti at noon today.  It’s very cloudy and fog has rolled through but other than that we are ok.  Just now it’s started to sprinkle rain a little bit.

We are prepared as much as we can be.  Toys are picked up, chairs put some place safe, windows boarded up on the school, and cars parked inside the new guesthouse building. Thankfully, the doors aren’t put on yet and we could drive the vehicles inside the building!

If we get a lot of wind, then I’m grabbing paintings off the wall, computer off my desk, clothing out of my closet and heading for a building made of stone!  But I’m really praying this storm passes us by and God just pushes those clouds and wind north of the island of Haiti.  We do not need another disaster!

We will post on Facebook updates as long as we have internet.  Please keep everyone in your prayers.  We are really concerned for friends and family in Florida.  As this storm goes in a north west direction, Florida is in the direct path of the storm.

And Life in Haiti Goes On…..

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