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IBESR January 2014

I went to IBESR (Haitian Social Services) this morning to try and find some answers to my many questions concerning families’ dossiers sitting in their offices.  I had a list and figured that I would be super lucky to find anyone in their office today.  But I walk through the gates of IBESR and the first person I see if our lawyer!  On the way to IBESR, he had called and said that we could not see the lawyer today.  So I was surprised that he was still there.

Then we went and saw the man in charge of all of the files!  He is a pretty important man in our eyes and he controls the dispensations and holds the dossiers when a paper is not filled out correctly!  I wanted to know about the dossiers that are still waiting for dispensations.  I asked if the President was still signing dispensations and he told me that there is no longer any dispensations required!  I was so surprised because in December, we were still waiting.  I had been told after the law passed that we would not need dispensations and then some people at IBESR said “yes we still needed them.”  But I guess the final decision was that we do not need them anymore!  That is the BEST news I received today!  I am returning tomorrow to see the lawyer inside IBESR and I will take a list of all our families waiting for dispensations and ask for them to be signed!

For families waiting for some legal paperwork concerning mothers who have disappeared or are mentally incapacitated, my meeting with the lawyer in IBESR should finally give us the answers we need to finish these cases.  This lawyer is the only one it seems who can tell us what we need to do that we haven’t already done!  We have 5 documents for each child and it still does not seem to be enough!  It takes way to long for them to make decisions about cases like these.

Please keep us in your prayers as we return to IBESR tomorrow.  And I praise God for the good news about dispensations no longer being needed!  Hurray!

I am exhausted right now so if anything here doesn’t make sense…let me know.  LOL

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