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IBESR Meeting about Matching Children

Friday, IBESR invited 6 crèche directors to a meeting about how they are going to start matching children with families.  All 6 crèches have dossiers at IBESR waiting to be matched with children and they want us to start sending them dossiers.

IBESR had sent us an email at the end of May giving us the long list of documents for the children’s dossier that they needed.  But we did not want to send a dossier down to IBESR before they have decided if the child is eligible for adoption.

The IBESR staff needs to interview the parents along with the IBESR psychologist.  None of us want to spend the money to do a complete dossier on a child until they have given the approval for the adoption.  Some of these children have been at our orphanages for 2 or 3 years.  It is going to be difficult if IBESR decides now that some of these children are no longer eligible for adoption for one reason or another.

They finally told us that to start the process, we can send down the birth certificate, relinquishment, medical reports, and parents’ identification and they will start the interview process.

Once a child is approved, then we must send the original documents and a complete dossier for each child.  We argued again about IBESR honoring our contracts with foreign adoption agencies.  It sounds like they are going to do this as long as the agencies include a request letter in each dossier.

We will see how this all goes.  We will start getting dossiers ready and sent down this coming week.  Then hopefully, they will start interviewing some of our parents.

It amazes me every time we talk to the staff at IBESR how much of the whole process they don’t know about.  They acted like they were not aware that adoptive families are forced to come to Port-au-Prince after IBESR approval to see the local judge and the civil court adoption judge.  We brought up that if they require the family to come at the beginning of the adoption, that would make 3 trips the families would have to make to Haiti!  We asked that IBESR talk to the courts  so that the parents are allowed to go see the judges during that one trip.

We also asked that they speak with the US Consulate to maybe eliminate the interview with the biological family if they do all of the interviews and psychological testing of the birth families before the child is adopted!

This process is so much more detailed and involved than before and the birth parents should not have to go to the US Consulate in the middle or at the end of the adoption process.  Multiple birth family interviews especially AFTER their parental rights are terminated by the courts makes no sense to me…of course, I realize government decisions don’t have to make sense!

So pray for all of the crèches as they start this new process and that it runs smoothly.  I’m praying that it will be simpler and easier once we start doing it then it seems like it going to be right now!  It is a little overwhelming to start….

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