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IBESR News About Dispensations

I was very fortunate today to see several people that I needed to see in IBESR.  First I saw Maitre Nathalie Jean, an IBESR lawyer.  We discussed the problems between the “old” adoption law and the “new” adoption law.  There is some conflict between the two of them and the adoptions in progress in IBESR.  Social Services has to come up with a way to release the adoptions that meet the requirements of the new law and decide when they will release those files.

For me, there is a lot of conflict between how they are handling the two laws although Maitre Jean says there isn’t conflict.  Some of the requirements from the old law are stopped such as the issuing of dispensations by the President’s Office, but then IBESR is not signing files where the parents have been married slightly less than 10 years.  The new law says the families only have to be married 5 years now.  So they need to work these issues out and decide what solution they are going to make for the problems.

I learned that there will be a meeting within IBESR and they will release all of the dossiers waiting for dispensations at the same time.  She said many creche directors have come wanting their files released but they are not going to do it creche by creche.  They will approve the release of all of them.  So parents, you are just going to have to wait a little more time.  I am hoping they will have approve the release of the dossiers sometime in the next week.

We have decided that we will never take in children whose mothers have disappeared or are mentally unstable again.  We have had 5 cases that have been sitting in IBESR for months and we have made about 6 different documents for each child that IBESR has asked for.  But each time we do that, they wait weeks and then tell us they need something different!  Thankfully, Maitre Jean told the lawyer and I exactly what is needed to get these dossiers released.  She actually went into the law showing the requirements for these cases and she and our lawyer figured out exactly what is needed.  I’m exasperated that it has taken this long to get a straight answer but am very relieved that we now know what to do and that we should be able to get the new document for each child done and back to IBESR next week!

I was also able to find out information about some specific individual cases and will write to those agencies/families personally.

I actually hope to stay home tomorrow and work here.  I am so tired of going downtown. Hopefully, I can get Magaly to go for me if one of needs to go.  I think I will go to bed early and try to catch up on some lost sleep and get rested for tomorrow!

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