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IBESR News and Rumors

I wanted to give you some news I have received in the last few days about IBESR and the adoption process.  Now some of this news is second hand and some I know from our own experience but just want to let you know that sometimes things said by IBESR personnel never happen.  We deal with different people in IBESR and sometimes each will give you a different answer to the same question!  This inconsistency carries through to the whole adoption process.

1. First I wanted to tell you about the Mayor of Kenscoff  who has finally taken her ID card to the Children’s Judge but has not signed the paperwork yet. We have 20 abandoned children stuck in the process at this point.  They have been sitting there since August 2014!  Now, IBESR wants them to sit there until June they say.  I have written a letter to IBESR requesting that an exception be made for all children whose dossiers are already at the Children’s Judge’s office so that these children can be given proposals.

2. (2nd hand information but from a reliable source) IBESR says they have 1200 dossiers of adoptive parents sitting at IBESR.  They are so far behind matching families with children that they are taking the next 3 months to try and get caught up. They will not be interviewing any biological parents or working on preparing children for adoption.  We have dossiers for children sitting waiting at IBESR for birth parent interviews.  They are supposed to be working this week fine tuning the adoption process and will notify everyone of all of the changes they make at the end of this week.  Of course, that might mean next week, never take projected dates from IBESR as written in stone!  Just saying…

3. The Children’s Judge has been asked by IBESR not to have more birth parents or mayors come and sign relinquishment paperwork.  This is very upsetting.  It is not easy to get parents and mayors to go to the Children’s Judge’s office and now IBESR doesn’t want any more paperwork coming to them.  IBESR wants to get caught up with the dossiers already sitting in the IBESR office.

4. Other directors of creches that I have talked to agree that IBESR needs either an Office Manager or Adoption Coordinator.  Someone to pull that office together, put things straight, organize the files, and make sure things are completed in a timely manner.  It can be so frustrating going to the office and people are sitting there and not working on the files and then other people are running around and they do not have time to answer your questions.  Somehow there must be a delegation of the work so that the adoption process is always moving forward and they don’t get so far behind!

5. I really do hope that IBESR gives some matches…well, LOTS of matches soon, but I don’t want them stopping preparing children for the adoption process for 3 months.  Throughout the last 4 years, adoptions have been stopped for months at a time for multiple reasons and all it does is cause further backlog at IBESR.  It now takes 3 to 6 months to get a child paperwork ready for an adoption so children who have already been sitting at orphanages will have to stay at least 3 months longer before they can even start the initial adoption process. 

Please forgive me if I am sounding negative in some of my observations and remarks.  I just get discouraged when children stay so long in the orphanage.  Even three extra months, is three months too long!  I wish IBESR personnel would see the children each time they look at a dossier and not just see more paperwork.  How can we get them to feel our passion for finding the children a “forever family”? 

Please pray for IBESR as they try to streamline or better organize the adoption process, pray for us as we have to answer the children’s questions about when will they get a new family, and pray for the children that they will not get discourage as they grow older and watch other children meet and leave with their forever families!

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