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IBESR News from Monday 21 April

As I’m getting ready to leave for two weeks in Colorado visiting our office and working out there most of the time we are there.  I am also going to Boulder to bring my son, Mark, home for the summer!  Gosh, I have really missed him a lot!  Not being there for any of the holidays where he could come home if we had been there was hard.

So I’m trying to do a million things before I leave and one of them was that I needed Miss Magaly to go to IBESR today to check on dossiers.  She was able to do that and come home with some good news for our families.

1. Our families who are still in IBESR under the old procedure are signed and can be picked up! We only have 2 families in this category but they have been in IBESR a long time.  This is very good news for those families and we hope to get the dossiers on Tuesday.

2. One of the families who is in IBESR under the new procedure is finished also!  It is great to finally see IBESR moving dossiers through their system.

3. The families waiting for dispensation for GLA who were signed by IBESR, but Parquet refuses to take their dossiers without a letter from IBESR, might soon have a resolution to their problem.  We are supposed to get an answer on Wednesday from IBESR about what is going to be done with the dossiers that did not get a formal dispensation before the new law was passed.  Pray that the problem will be resolved not only for GLA families but for ALL families and let them out of IBESR and into Parquet NOW!

4. Still waiting for IBESR to take a couple of birth families to the court for the relinquishment papers.  Hopefully this will be soon so at least two proposals can be sent out soon!

5. Please pray for a birth parent interview for 10 of GLA birth parents on Thursday.  Just pray that those 10 parents show up for the meeting!  That is the biggest problem for us, getting them all there at the same time!

We have 3 families who have been approved for American visas which is a huge blessing!  We have some famlies coming for their court appearances and other children going home in the next couple of weeks.  So things are moving and we are very happy!

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