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I have personally not been to IBESR in a little while.  I felt like I was just spinning my wheels with the adoption section because nothing was being done with proposals.  Today, when Magaly called to talk to the secretary, the secretary wanted to know if I was “angry” with them because Mr. Guillaume commented that I had not been down asking him about the dossiers!  I had to laugh because I stopped going and asking so much since I could see he was stressed and overwhelmed by all of the directors going daily to get updates.  I had decided to let the lawyer go for me and also Miss Magaly, our Haitian Director.  But since I’m missed, maybe I’ll start going down again next week to keep up the pressure on them to start working on placing our children with families!

Our lawyer is supposed to get an answer from the lawyer responsible for all of the dossiers that need that final signature under the old law.  We have been working on this for almost 2 months and I just want them released!  Hopefully, she will have more positive news for us and those families tomorrow.  Please say a little prayer or maybe a BIG prayers that the dossiers with her will be released.

It seems maybe the Parquet section (courts) and IBESR are not communicating.  IBESR has released dossiers without dispensation that sat in dispensation for over a year.  They said dispensation is no longer needed.  We take the dossiers to Parquet and they refuse to sign them because they do not have a dispensation!  We argued and it did nothing.  So our worker went to IBESR and asked them if they would 1. change the date on the authorization page to a date after the new law was implemented or 2. Write a letter to Parquet.  So far, they don’t want to do either!  What a mess!  Our lawyer is at Parquet today trying to figure this out.  Pray for him that he can figure out the problem and solve it, please.  (did you notice that I didn’t say solve it quickly?  There is no “quickly” that applies to problems like this!)

IBESR will not schedule us a birth parents interview for all of the children waiting to be declared adoptable!  We  have several children who need this interview since they have already been here several months.  It is frustrating to us that IBESR waits several months to schedule the interviews and then it takes at least 3 months before the children are declared adoptable.  The children are spending more time in the orphanage and we do not see the process at IBESR going any faster than it went under the old law.  Frustrating…

We have had several children join their “forever” families since Christmas.  This is very exciting for GLA to see the happiness of the children and the families.  I don’t think that it is ever easy for the children and families to adjust.  I always say it’s like getting married…there is that adjustment curve of living with someone new and requires give and take on both sides!  Please pray for these families and their children.


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