God’s Littlest Angels


Went to IBESR this morning and thankfully everyone we needed to see was there and could see us.  There weren’t as many other people there wanting to see them and everyone at IBESR seemed more relaxed then the last time we were there.  Some of the things we learned were:

1. IBESR has started to match families and children again!  The lawyer doing that was out sick today so I couldn’t speak to her but I know who she is and will talk to her next week about some matches that are ready for our families.  We just need IBESR to put it all together and give to the agencies.

2. They will start biological parent interviews soon which will be a big relief for us.  We have several children at the orphanage whose birth parents need to be interviewed so that the children can be matched with adoptive families. For us, this part of the procedure is the must frustrating because it seems to be taking way to long to accomplish.  It is taking almost 6 months to get the children declared adoptable by IBESR!

3. Two dossiers were released by the legal department and now just need the final signature.  We should get them next Thursday.

4. We were able to talk to the lawyer about 3 other dossiers we need signed and the lawyer was able to tell us what we needed to do.  Will start on them Monday and hopefully in a short time will have them signed and released also!

5. They are working on the dossier for our first family that came for their 2 week socialization period and the dossier was on the lawyer’s desk while we were talking to her!  That was very encouraging and we hope it is signed quickly!

Have a good weekend everyone!  I felt it was good meetings and very positive attitude today!

And Life in Haiti goes on….

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