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IBESR Update for Thursday

The adoption world is full of rumors, rumors, and more rumors!  You do not know what to believe unless you go down to IBESR and ask the people in charge.  So we had heard rumors that IBESR was going to increase the socialization period to 3 weeks for family coming to Haiti under the new procedure.  THIS IS NOT TRUE according to IBESR adoption section!  They told us today that there are no plans to increase the length of time for the socialization period.  They do not know where that rumor came from!

Our first dossier which was treated under the new adoption law is sitting on the director’s desk waiting for the final signature.  We are very excited and happy to know that after the family comes to Haiti we are at this stage in less than 8 weeks! 

They are working on some proposals/matching of families.  IBESR will call us to come and disk matches with them and then give proposals to the families.  They are working on pre-matched cases now. We hope to have more families coming for their 2 week socialization period soon! 

They do not know when they will start interviews with biological families again. We are afraid they will not do this until after the 1st of April when the Hague Convention is fully in place.  I want this to start so that we can get more children approved by IBESR for adoption.  We have a child for each of our waiting families if they would just start interviewing families again!  It is so frustrating for us…

We did not receive the dossier we were supposed to receive today even though the director’s office told us that it is signed.  We need to call back in the morning and see if they have it tomorrow to give to us.  Hopefully, they will and we can move forward.

We are trying to push IBESR to go the Senate or House of Deputies and ask for an amendment of the law allowing adoptive families over 50 to adopt special needs or older children.  We feel this is an area of the law that was not well thought out.  I don’t expect anything to happen quickly but they need to be thinking about this and the effects on our older children and special needs children who are more likely to be adopted by a parent with some parenting experience.

Please say a short prayer for all of waiting adoptive parents and all of our waiting children.  The waiting is very difficult and it is even more difficult knowing that there are families out there with open/waiting arms and children ready to fill them and we can’t get them together!

Please also say a prayer that we can find adoptive families for our older children and special needs children.  Is God talking to your family about adopting one of these “hard” to place children?

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