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IBESR Visit July 31

I woke up today not feeling 100% and ended up being sick on the way down the mountain and while at IBESR.  But we got some good news while we were there! 

IBESR handed us 4 children’s dossiers to take to the Children’s Judge with the birth parents for the final signature needed to make sure the children are legally adoptable.  This signature is the severance of the parental rights of the birth parents.  We have been waiting for them to hand us some of these dossiers for the last 4 months.  IBESR kept telling us that any day they would be sending us these dossiers.  We kept asking and begging them for some dossiers because we knew that we could not get any matches until some of these were done.

So when they handed us four dossiers today, we were excited!  We had some dossiers that we have been told they were matched already with families and we just needed the birth families to go to the Children’s Judge.  So we opened up the dossiers while still in the adoption office and pulled out 4 dossiers who were not the children we expected!  We are glad these children are ready to go to the children’s judge, but only one is a child who has been waiting for a year or more for this to happen.  The 2 other children who we thought would be the first ones to get this step done are not there! 

When I said to them but what about these other two children, IBESR staff said that is right GLA has been waiting for those to come out first.  IBESR said that they need to research and see where the dossiers are right now.  They must be with a different batch of dossiers! 

I don’t want to be ungrateful but I want the 3 dossiers that have been pre-matched the longest to be the first that come out and get the official matches!  But now that I know they are working on these dossiers, I will be checking on their status weekly. But at least we know that they are working on the dossiers of the children and families at this time.

Mrs. Sawadogo, the Hague representative at IBESR, is coming to GLA for a visit next week.  I guess she will be going out to visit some of the orphanages to get a better idea of the adoption and orphan care system in Haiti.  We have been asking her to come to visit us for months now and we are excited she will visit us!  She is such a nice person and she has some wonderful orphan care ideas to share with us.  We can’t wait!

We have asked for a personal meeting with Mme Villedrouin for next week.  We gave an official request to her office and we pray she will give us a meeting time soon.  I need to speak to her about a few of our cases and the only way to do it is through an official meeting.  Please pray that she will see me soon.

I also gave IBESR a long list of proposed matches for our children.  We probably have over 20 matches that need to take place soon.  I hope they do not give them all at once because I am not sure where everyone would stay for two weeks!  We will need to spread the visits out for several weeks to make it all work out but God is in control and we know it will be ok.

We so want to see matches done.  These children need families desperately.  GLA needs funds to help keep the orphanage running.  And families are waiting with open arms for these children!  It’s a beautiful circle that in the end allows a family to be completed and a child to find their forever family!


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