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IBESR Visit to GLA on 5 August 2014

 Mrs. Alphonsine SAWADOGO, the Hague Representative to IBESR along with Felyne, the IBESR representative responsible for putting together your matches, came to visit GLA on Tuesday the 5th of August.  Mrs. Sawadogo is leaving to return to Africa next week so I’m so happy she had the chance to come visit.  We have been inviting her to come for months now.  She is such a nice person and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her.

Some of things Felyne and Mrs. Sawadogo shared with us:

 1. They tell me that all proposals now should have the families already going to the Children’s Judge. They are sending them in small batches so it will take a while to get them through because they don’t want to be overrun with matches.  IBESR is not equipped to have too many families coming at the same time.

2. This is the procedure now for birth families:

  •  First Contact with IBESR when a child comes and we have to take parents to IBESR for the initial interview.
  • Second contact with IBESR will be through the adoption section as a general information meeting. Now Mme Sawadogo said she doesn’t see why 1 and 2 can’t be combined. She thinks it is taking too long to get the children judged as adoptable. We’ll see if anything comes of this because she leaves next Thursday.
  •  Last meeting with IBESR lawyer, psychologist, social workers
  • Scheduled to meet with the Children’s Judge and birth family will sign in front of him.
  • Thirty days after seeing the children’s judge their rights will be terminated if they are in agreement. We have not heard if they must return to the court or can simply call or what. Then they can be matched. This is kind of irritating since all of our families so far have waited the 30 days to tell IBESR they are in agreement with the adoption and now they have to go to the Children’s Judge and do it all over again!  This means there is going to be some delay in getting matches done unless an exception is made for those that have already waited and given their final permission.  I am assuming that will all have to be redone again in front of the Judge.
  • The creche is given the documents needed for the judge and we have to take them to the judge, the court then types up the paperwork for the birth family to sign, the Judge gives us a date to come with the family, and then they sign the paperwork.
  • Even abandoned children must have a document from the Children’s Judge.  The Mayors who abandoned the the child must go and sign the document at the court.  We argued that it will difficult to get the Mayor’s down there and more time will be wasted before the child will be matched.  They said that they will make a list and the Mayors can go and sign for all of the children on the list so it’s not like they have to go down to the court every week.  We hope this works!

3. They are working on matches now and hopefully adoptive parents will be receiving matches or have already received a few matches.  Birth families have been going to the

4. The adoption program has gone through a lot of changes since November.  It is an evolution they say.  As things are studied, they realize things need to be changed.  Mrs. Sawadogo says we are in the early stages of the new adoption program and things will take awhile to get it the way they want it.  We must be patient.  I told her that was really difficult when children and families are involved and when children must spend extra time in an orphanage because IBESR and the court system is changing the process from time to time!

I’m trying to pass on news as I hear it.  Hope this helps you understand the process just a little better.  It can be confusing even to us on the ground here in Haiti because it changes so much, but hopefully we will learn the process eventually and it will stop changing soon!

Have a great weekend and may God give you special blessing ttoday!


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