It is time to buy food for the children and we do not have enough funds. Can you please help?

Donations are down.  We need everyone who gets this email to please pray with us that God will hear our prayers and bless us with funds to pay our bills and buy food and supplies!

It is time to buy meat and supplies for the children.  We try to buy this once a month.  We owe bills for diesel fuel for the generator, water for drinking and bathing, medicine and lab tests, and multiple other bills for the orphanage and school.  Many of these bills are monthly bills.  It takes a lot of donations to care for 45 children, staff, and maintenance.

I have been sitting here praying.  Praying for Jeph who has had to have blood transfusions four times in the last week.  Praying that God would heal his little body.  I'm praying for Robenson, a new baby who came yesterday and is 18 days old.  His mother is very sick and the family brought him for assistance until she is better.  I'm praying for staff members who cannot pay for their children to go to school and is requesting help from us and we have no extra money to help them. I'm praying for my husband, John Bickel, who is in the states seeing doctors for his check ups from having stents put in his heart.  I'm praying for GLA.

God laid on my heart the Bible story about Gideon.  Gideon was just a humble farmer unsure of his calling.  Gideon's story is in the Bible at Judges 6:36.  Gideon said to God, "If you really intend to use me to deliver Israel, as you promised, then give me a sign as proof. Look, I am putting a wool fleece on the threshing floor.  If there is dew only on the fleece, and the ground around it is dry, then I will be sure that you will use me to deliver Israel, as you promised." The Lord did as he asked.  When he got up the next morning, he squeezed the fleece, and enough dew dripped from it to fill a bowl. 

Trying to care for the children and keeping everything running is difficult.  It's tiring.  It's challenging.  But it is also so rewarding in so many ways!  God called John and I to Haiti in 1991, 27 years ago, to help the children of Haiti.  I hope we have been faithful servants and walked the path God laid out for us.  I have talked to other missionaries who have been in Haiti for several years and I've heard the same story that all have seen donations slowly going down.  I keep telling myself that maybe God wants us on our knees more praying for each and every dollar that comes to help us?  Maybe God wants us to take in more children for assistance?  We help every child that comes to our gate who needs assistance.  So where are we going wrong?  Why is God not hearing our prayers? I have been using personal money lately to buy things for GLA and that is alright, but what I can give to help is a drop in the bucket compared to what is needed.

So I'm laying out the fleece like Gideon did.  Lord, you have called us to Haiti and to start GLA for you!  It was a clear calling and over the years GLA has helped thousands of children and their families.  It was all you, Lord.  We need to feed these children.  We need to raise them up until they can return to their biological families or find adoptive parents.  We need to maintain their homes and school so they have the basic things in life.  We need our NICU for premature and critical children to be running and helping children like Jeph and Robenson. We need you Lord to show everyone here at GLA that this is their calling. That we all have a calling to come to Haiti and help. You called everyone here. Show us again that  GLA is for you and that you will take care of us like you take care of the birds in the sky.  Like you took care of us during times when the government of Haiti was overthrown and there were so many riots  and then during the earthquake of 2010.

Lord, send enough funds to feed the children, buy the supplies we need for their care, and to pay the bills that are due.  You know what is needed Lord, we do not have to tell you the amount.  But please cover those things.  Lord, you own all of the gold and precious metals in the world.  I will never understand the power and authority that you have in the universe.  You are omnipotent!  Please Lord, remember the least of these, the children living in orphanages, the children at GLA.

And Life in Haiti Goes On....


3 thoughts on “It is time to buy food for the children and we do not have enough funds. Can you please help?”

  1. LORD, show us the miracles! John and Dixie are Your faithful servants. Your Word says, when two or three come together in Your name and agree as touching, You are in our midst and You hear our prayers.LORD, so cancel their debt for the solar panel system taxes, in Jesus name and loose it safely to provide for God’s Littlest Angels’ compound. Bring the workers to set it up and deliver it.. Bring Your laborers into the fields. LORD, give them this day, their daily bread and deliver them from all evil, including sickness, weakness, lack, infirmity, and any spiritual attack or unmet need.Thwart the enemy at every turn. We declare GLA has all sufficiency in all things.We pray John’s health is restored and that his fund raising is extraordinarily blessed. We pray every financial obligation shall be met. We pray every medical need shall be met and that You show Yourself MIGHTY to save!!! Save baby Jeph, and raise him up to be mighty for Your kingdom. Bless YOUR NAME and protect every aspect of this Ministry in the mighty name of Jesus. Every knee shall bow to You, King Jesus, AMEN.

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