God’s Littlest Angels

Jobs Available

Nurse (Full Time)

Position available - Currently

We need a nurse with one to two years experience to work in our NICU and children's home. Extensive experience in pediatrics is not necessary. We can teach you  what you need to know as you work alongside our Director, Dixie and our Haitian nursing staff. You will be responsible for vaccinations, daily checking of the children's medical needs and working in concert with our Pediatrician.

The position has a small stipend to help you live in Haiti but you would need to raise your own support for airfare, language lessons, Haitian resident visa and incidentals. Living quarters with kitchen are provided.

To Apply, contact our US office by clicking here or call 719-638-4348 and ask to talk to Jean.

Builder / Contractor

Position available - Currently

We need someone with advanced building experience to help build our Guest House in Haiti. General Contractor skills required with experience in wood and concrete building. Must be able to read building blueprints and plans.

Your position will require you to live in Haiti, work with the Haitian masons on staff, keep accurate records, work with foreign (American and Canadian) skilled teams with inside finish work and outside work also. Must be able to manage workers and be knowledgeable about common building practices. Will be working with an American contractor and American engineer via phone calls and visits on site in Haiti. Will also be working with the staff in Haiti to include a  Haitian engineer. Must be a team player who can get along with different personalities in a work setting.


Housing provided. Small stipend provided but must raise funds for airfare, and incidentals.

To Apply, contact our US office by clicking here or call 719-638-4348 and ask to talk to Jean.

Volunteers & Teams

Volunteers needed for 2018

Volunteers needed for 2018 for 2 weeks or longer to help at the Nursery and Toddler House. We especially need some volunteers who can be on a waiting list so if people cancel, we will still have enough volunteers to come and do the work! 


Teams needed for 2018

Teams can be two to fourteen people if you come together for a week. GLA usually only accepts teams for two weeks each month, so the schedule fills up fast.  If you want to bring a team to GLA, please reserve a week quickly.  We also have openings any week for some small building teams (plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc) that can stay at Fort Jacques and work. Teams usually come for one week.

From April 2018 through November 2018