God’s Littlest Angels

Just Like a Little Brown Haitian Garden Snail…

Our youngest son, Steeve, walked across the stage for his high school graduation last Sunday.  He really finished high school in January but had to wait to officially get his diploma until now.  His dad and I are so proud of him.  After 32 years, we finally do not have children in primary or secondary school!  That is what happens when there is an age span of 17 years difference between your oldest and youngest child.  Our son, Mark, is still in University, but it’s just not the same as grade school or high school.

Steeve started life as a 2 pound premature baby.  As a child, Steeve tumbled and did cartwheels every where he went.  Many times we would almost fall trying to walk behind him because he just could not walk through life like other children!  He has followed that slightly different road throughout his life so far.

The mother of the graduates sat in the front row and I only really knew one other mother.  The mother sitting beside me was quiet and said hello, but did not really engage me in conversation until someone said I was the mother of Steeve and then she got the biggest smile on her face and said to me that Steeve was her friend.  She loved Steeve so much!  Because Steeve is funny, very helpful, and the one always making jokes and enjoying life!

Academics has not been easy for him although when he puts his mind to it, he does very well.  But did I also add that he is very stubborn and you cannot make him do something if he doesn’t want to do it?

We ate in the a little mountain restaurant after the graduation and when they brought out of appetizer of Akra, there was a little baby brown garden snail on the plate.  Many people might be appalled by a snail on their plate, but we thought it was wonderful!  My daughter-in-law, Holli, and granddaughter, Lilly June, took the baby snail and put it over in some plants so that it could maybe survive. It was a little tiny thing and it takes about 2 years for a brown garden snail to grow to full size.

When Steeve came into our lives, he was just a little bitty guy with a big personality.  Even as a baby he would sit and watch his brother, Mark, learn to do things and then Steeve would just get up and do it too!  Like this little snail, he has persevered through his life and has grown into a nice young man.  Wherever life takes him and he has no plans right now on leaving Haiti, I pray that he meets it with the same sense of adventure and joy that he have done everything these last 19 years.

We love you bunches, Steeve and congratulations on being a high school graduate! 

By perseverance the snail reached the ark.
Charles Spurgeon

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