God’s Littlest Angels

Just when I say that we can't take any more babies, God sends a 3 pound baby to our Gate!

If you read my last blog, you are aware of the bills we have here in Haiti needing to be paid and the stress that is causing us all.  I told the staff that we would not be taking any children for assistance or adoption for a little while until things got better.

As usual, when I say something like that, God sends a baby to our gate!  Sure enough, tonight three workers from the ministry of public health brought a mother and father with a 3 pounds 9 ounce baby to our gate.  They said a nurse working at the Doctors without Borders hospital had referred them to us.  The parents are from Carre Four which is clear across Port-au-Prince.

The mother and father are both very young.  The father is in University and his family refuses to help because they feel he needs to focus on his studies and not on his girlfriend.  The mother of the baby is also very young, 18 years old, and she took medication and drank some special drink from the herbal doctor to abort her baby.  But this baby is a strong baby and he survived!

The mother then became eclamptic with high blood pressure and swelling of her feet and hands.  She went into the hospital and they had to preform a C-Section to save both mom and baby.  The mother and baby were in the hospital one month.  When they released them, they came directly to GLA.

Because the mother had taken these medications early in her pregnancy, the baby boy was born with some birth defects.  The mother and father love their baby but are overwhelmed with where to start in caring for this little boy!  They are asking for assistance and I can’t turn them away.  The baby has club feet and also some malformation of his wrists.  He seems normal other than those two things.

Please if you have not sent in a donation already, do so today so that we can continue to help babies like this who come to us for assistance.  What GLA does for the children can only be done through God’s grace and your generous financial donations and powerful prayer support.






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