Exciting Changes Make for Leaps in Learning

The children here at GLA love going to school every day because they adore their teachers and they love learning. Along with their learning subjects in both Haitian Creole and French (the majority of their text books are written in French), the last seven months have brought about some exciting changes for our children who are also working to learn English and we wanted to share some of those with our supporters. The English classroom setup has changed significantly and we’ve modified the methods of teaching to include new interactive activities and educational games, which we’re finding tend to better suit the learning styles of the individual students.

Our focus has centered on creating a framework English education for our students to grow on. They’ve been learning uppercase and lowercase letters along with their phonic sounds, shapes and colors, days of the week, months of the year, the seven continents, and started solving basic addition and subtraction problems. The students also focused on being able to spell and write their names. Throughout the school year, the students did alot of activities and worksheets that strengthened their knowledge of these English concepts and beyond that, they worked diligently on expanding their general English vocabulary and comprehension.

Since the New Year, we’ve incorporated some fun, productive play centers into our English classroom. These new aspects of our English classroom include:

  • A cozy book nook that the students love to sit and read in. Our older students have been working on reading Level 1 & 2 Early Reader books, some of their favorites being, Pete the Cat and The Bernstein Bears.
  • A craft center where we’ve done some beautiful projects throughout the year.  Some our most notable crafts were our handprint fish and our watercolor hot air balloons that are currently displayed on a wall in the schoolhouse.
  • A computer center where the students watch short videos about English topics as well as play educational games. The students love their computer time, and we are so blessed to have nice, working computers to use here in the school!
  • We have a new dollhouse that is a new favorite of the students to play with after finishing their other English work.
  • We have allotted time specifically for learning new games. It’s been such a joy to teach them new concepts through different board games. Some of their favorite games include Chutes & Ladders, Candy Land, and Jenga. We also have a sight word and alphabet bingo set that has become a favorite. If given the choice, the children will always choose a board game over a movie.

Over the past school year, we’ve noticed that these changes and the more focused one-on-on learning environment have been instrumental in the successful grasping of new concepts. This past August, progress testing showed that many of the students didn’t know some of these basic concepts, such as the letters of the alphabet; but retesting just this last week showed that almost all of the English students now have a firm understanding and knowledge of these concepts. Every child in the program is extremely proud to showcase what they’ve learned and are thoroughly excited for the adventures of this next school year.

We couldn’t continue to make these exciting changes and witness these leaps in learning without your continued support! All of it happens because some many people who believe in GLA’s work make the decision to Sponsor a Child. It’s the easiest way to directly impact the work that we’re doing and it’s only $30/month! If you’re interested in learning more or signing up, click here. Thank you for all of you who continue to support every facet of the mission that makes up God’s Littlest Angels. We appreciate you!

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