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Local Haitian Church Needs Your Help to Pay Their Rent!

Pastor Colbert who is pastor of the Church of Hope comes every Wednesday to GLA to minister to our ladies through Bible Study and worship.  The Church of Hope was started by Pastor Brandon Jordan and his wife Nikki a little over 4 years ago.  Pastor Colbert was also part of the church from the very beginning helping Pastor Jordan.  When Pastor and Mrs. Jordan returned to the USA 2 years ago, Pastor Colbert took over the running of the Church of Hope located in Thomassin 32 close to the GLA Guest House.

This year, the church congregation is responsible for paying $10,000 USD rent on their own without assistance from Pastor Jordan.  They have not been able to find the funds yet and rent was due on the 1st of December.  The landlord wants to put the church out of the building.  He wants his rent payment.  There are about 200 people who attend church every week.  Almost 70 of the people attending are children.

Pastor Colbert and the congregation has looked for less inexpensive housing for the church and cannot find anything that will work.  They have also looked for a piece of land thinking they could purchase some where and pitch a tent!

We do not want to see the church lose their building, but GLA does not have the funds to help them pay their rent. Would you consider giving a donation to the Church of Hope and we will make sure the funds get to the landlord so they can stay in their current place? 



Help the CHURCH OF HOPE continue their ministry to the people in Thomassin 32.  Donate today!


Donate to the church

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