Since our move of the Guest House to Fort Jacques, we have had to use the buildings we already have at Fort Jacques to house volunteers. Sometimes, it has made things very crowded for adoptive families, volunteers, and teams when they are all here at the same time!

Several years ago, the Rick and Larry Stephens families made a sizable donation to start building a new Guest House at Fort Jacques. Then last year, Mr. Al Quesnel and his Canadian Foundation made another large donation to finish the Guest House. Mr. Quesnel also donated funds to purchase and install a solar system for GLA. We are very thankful for everyone who has donated funds and time and effort to see that the Guest House is getting built!

We were concerned since Tim Parker passed away and John Bickel found that he had cancer that it would slow down the construction efforts, but just the opposite has happened! Jeremy Pollock, a general contractor from Arizona and Colorado, has been working with the Haitian crews and with FaceTime has pushed to get the Guest House done by the beginning of 2020!

I would like to share with you the progress made on the Guest House in the last few months. It’s exciting to see the progress and know that soon we will have a place for all volunteers and staff to eat together. The balcony on the second floor has the most beautiful view of Port-au-Prince and the ocean. We will have worship on the balcony once it’s completed.

We have a new family from Alaska coming to run the guest house for us. They will be coming at the end of December. Please pray for them as they prepare to come and work at GLA. Pray that the construction schedule will continue to move along and that the Guest House will be finished in January of 2020!

We chose green with white trim for the GH colors. We are also thinking of putting some colorful bubbles mixed in!
We have beautiful french doors going out on the balcony. They have hurricane resistant glass in all of the windows and these doors to help prevent breakage in case of a storm.
This is on the balcony looking inside the GH.
This will be one of the most useful rooms in the house, the laundry room! Looking forward to having washers and dryers inside and enough to do all of the sheets and linens for the house!
This is the dining room, reception area, and living area. The ceiling will have sheet rock put on once all of the plumbing and electrical can be closed in.
This will one of the volunteer bathrooms and shower area.
This is one of the volunteer bedrooms
This is a section of the kitchen in the Guest House. Our cooks will not know how to act with a kitchen big enough so they do not bump into each other as they cook our meals!

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