God’s Littlest Angels

Looking for 10 People Wanting to Make a Difference in the Life of a Child!

All of the children in the Education Sponsorship Program have sponsors except for 10 students!  That means more than 350 children are going to have the funds to attend school!  These last 10 children need your help.  They want to attend school too!  They want to fulfill their dreams and plans for the future. But unfortunately their families cannot pay for their education.  They need your help!

Most of the children here have been in the program for a few years.  This year, their sponsors decided not to continue sponsoring.  Please consider sponsoring one of these children in school this year!  Help them continue to fulfill their dreams of a better life through education! 

For $460 USD, you can pay for their schooling for the whole year.  Please consider helping today by clicking on the button below and filling out the sponsorship form!  You will see the photos of the 10 children below.

Sponsor A Child  



Bernise                                      Guetchine











Cynthia                                          Jenica










Junalien                                       Loukenson










Luckenson                                       Moise











Sameskia                                     Wadner








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