God’s Littlest Angels

Looking for a Special Volunteer: Could it be you?

I need a special volunteer who will come for at least 2 weeks and work with this little girl.  Must know or be willing to do research on speech therapy methods.  Must also be strong willed and be a disciplinarian.

Her name is Bianca and she babbles but does not communicate with us which is causing frustration on her part.  She is strong willed and no one in the nursery is willing to discipline her on an ongoing basis.  She was a preemie and then had a stroke on her right side as a baby.

Our nursery is not the best place for consistent rules and discipline.  Nannies change and some discipline their children occasionally and some never discipline their children.

It is difficult for us to judge Bianca and her behavior.  We need someone to come and be her mama for 2 weeks.  Keep her with you at night in a private room and work with her every day.  Discipline her if she needs it and love her a lot!  Bianca has decided to bite people.  I personally think some of that is just from the frustration of not being able to communicate.  But it is difficult to make that judgment call without being with her on a more consistent basis.

So, if you have experience with a child like this or want to take on a challenge, please come to GLA for 2 weeks or more and help us give this little girl a chance to express herself and just have a mom for a little while to herself.

If you are interested in coming and helping Bianca, write me at gla@glahaiti.org

Help us make a difference, One child at a time starting with Bianca!



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