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Marie Kencia to have Surgery on Thursday for her Cleft Lip

Marie Kencia is 6 months old now.  Her family brought her to GLA when she was only a day old.  The first day she could not suck on a nipple, but within 24 hours she was sucking and had no problems feeding.

She has a cleft lip and palate.  The cleft lip goes up into her nose and is pretty large.  A volunteer who came on a work team from Canada fell in love with Marie Kencia and wanted to find help for her.  She first contacted Operation Smile.  Operations Smile said they were not coming to Haiti anymore but they would be in the Dominican Republic April 13-20.

We hurried and found her parents to go and get an urgent passport for her so that we could try and get her to Santo Domingo before Sunday.  We were told that she needed to be there the first day.

I was willing to take her to the Dominican but I didn’t really want to.  We had spent so much time there when Frantina was needing spinal surgery and it is expensive to stay there.  The operation was free, but we need a hotel, a car, food, etc.

Then Lynda, the volunteer, heard that there was a team at Project Help in Pierre Payen which is about 2 1/2 hours north of GLA.  I was able to get in touch with them late on Tuesday and they agreed to do her surgery!  So we are headed to the Project Help Hospital tomorrow at 5 AM to arrive before 8 AM so that Marie Kencia can have surgery.

Lynda has been busy raising funds to help with the costs of getting her to the Dominican and now to Pierre Payen. We also have a new baby two weeks old with a cleft lip and palate.  I think he may be too young and Thursday is their last day of surgery so I”m not sure if they have room for him. 

Please pray for Marie Kencia tomorrow and also for Illioson who needs surgery later on.  Pray that all will go well.

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