In case you didn’t read my blog a couple of days ago about financial needs, you might have missed this prayer praise that we have!

The Kenscoff Mayor signed all 21 abandoned children’s files so they can now be proposed to families!  They have been waiting to be signed since August 2014!  What an answer to lots of prayers!  We were so overwhelmed because we were just watching these 21 children who were ready for matching sitting here all of those months waiting for one person to sign their adoption approval!

I believe most of the children are already matched with families which is another huge answer to prayer and now IBESR needs to work on getting them matched quickly.  Hopefully, we will be seeing lots of families coming to Haiti soon to socialize with their children.

We have asked the agencies involved to please make sure their representatives go to IBESR and push them to match the children with their families quickly.

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