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Meet Rose Clara…She needs some Sponsors

Meet Miss Rose Clara. She is a child with lots of spirit, a smile that melts your heart and talks like an adult! She is abandoned.  She has been living at the University Hospital in Port-au-Prince until IBESR brought her for me to see. We think she was abandoned because she has a medical condition that is easily corrected.  She has a prolapsed rectum.  This means that whenever she has a bowel movement, her rectum and bowel comes out.  The pediatrician says it might be something as simple as parasites causing this!  So we are treating her for three weeks with medication.  If this doesn’t work then she might have to have surgery.

Rose Clara is the size of a 2 year old but the personality of a much older child.  IBESR staff thinks she might be about 4 years old.

When I asked her if she wanted to stay at my house, she said “yes, if you have a school!”  She wants to go to school.  She told Docilia, another  little girl in the nursery, that our big dogs were going to eat her!  Docilia just smiled.

She informed all of us the first night that she could not sleep alone and she chose to sleep with the nanny, Vierge, because “she is short like me!”  Then said she is my grandmother!  She is a funny little girl.  She walked into this house and wrapped everyone around her finger with her cuteness and spirit.

Right now, Rose Clara needs a sponsor.  Would you please consider sponsoring her while she is living at GLA?  Go to our sponsorship page and sponsor Rose Clara and follow her story here at GLA. 

Then please pray daily for God to prepare a family to adopt this beautiful little princess!  Because I have faith that there is a family out there waiting for this little girl to come be part of their lives…because she needs and wants a mom and dad!

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