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Meeting about New Adoption Law Held by IBESR

Well, the IBESR meeting concerning the New Adoption Law was not quite what I was told it was going to be but at least they did have a meeting!  I was told that it was going to be a 3 day event with everyone involved in adoptions being there so that everyone would understand the new procedures and law. 

One of the lawyers from Parquet talked about the adoption law and what was required for the biological families’ consent.  His presentation was interesting and informational.  Biological parents no longer have to be found to go to Parquet once the dossier is approved at IBESR.  The interviews done at IBESR when a child is declared adoptable is considered enough.

The adoptive parents no longer need to appear in front of the civil court judge.  The letter that their agency sends to IBESR after the two week socialization period is considered the parents’ acceptance of the adoption and will be included in their file.

Post placement reports are required for 8 years post adoption or until the child turns 18 years old.  This was brought up because there are many older children adoptions and nobody wants to do post placement reports on someone 20+ years old!  There was not time to bring up the questions about who can do the psychological reports required for post placement reports.  They only gave about 20 minutes for questions and answers and it was just not enough time for all of the questions that everyone had! 

A committee was set up to study the cost of adoption and try to regulate adoption costs.  There will be 2 lawyers, 2 representatives, 2 creche directors, and 2 IBESR personnel on the committee.  The group picked Mr. Lucien Duncan and Mrs. Margarette Saint Fleur to represent the creche directors.

The representative for the Hague did a presentation at the meeting and it was very interesting.  She has been working at IBESR for the last 3 months and I think she has given them lots of advice and information on how to make this all work!  I hope they took all of her knowledge that she has shared with them to heart.  Her presentation took up more than half of the time allowed for the meeting.

We did not go over the law, article by article.  They mainly talked about the rule of the Parquet, the Hague convention, and the finances of adoption. 

I was really happy because I was able to speak to Mme Villedrouin and get an appointment to see her on Tuesday about some things I need to talk to her about.  I have been trying to get an appointment for 8 weeks!  I sat next to the IBESR person responsible for the dossiers that have been sent into dispensation so it gave me a chance to talk to him about some dossiers stuck in dispensation, and I was able to speak to other people from IBESR that I never can seem to find in their offices when I try to find them!  For me, it was a pretty productive day! 

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